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Forum Announcement: ModTheGalaxy Community Guidelines
ModTheGalaxy Community Guidelines

The Community
Our goal at ModTheGalaxy is to foster an environment that promotes community activity and collaboration with discussion topics related to Star Wars Galaxies modding, emulation, and tools development. We're excited to offer an online platform for communication among our members and hope that all will assist in creatively contributing to our community.

Our community will flourish from those that bring diversity, challenge, and activity. We encourage participation from those that will enhance our community. These guidelines are set in place to ensure that every member has equal and appropriate opportunity to collaborate with mutual advantage and enjoyment. Our Guidelines are intended to govern the behavior of all in public or private on our services. It is expected that these guidelines will be honored by all participants.​

General Guidelines
  1. Advertisements are not allowed. We understand the desire to promote your servers, however, this isn't the place for it! We'd like to encourage you to share your servers in the Official Core3 Server Listing forum on SWGEmu instead. Furthermore, please refrain from spamming, double posting, or bumping threads.
  2. Refrain from "Inappropriate" discussion. There's quite a broad spectrum of topics that can be discussed on the boards. However, in order to keep things somewhat relevant and not create member controversy, we ask that users refrain from discussing anything related to politics, religion, sexuality, pornography, race, ethnicity, or otherwise offensive topics.
  3. Do not post anything illegal. Among the world in general, and more specifically, the emulation community, legality is always a concern. This is why we ask all members to never post or participate in anything that violates any local, state, national, or international laws.
  4. Use the appropriate forums and stay on topic. Please always ensure when posting that you post in the most relevant forum for your topic. When posting, also ensure it's relevant to the OP (Original Post). If not, create a new topic to discuss your idea instead.
  5. Remain respectful and post smart. When posting, don't be rude or direct vulgar language at anyone. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated. Do not post anyone's real life information. Remember, we're all here for SWG. Additionally, please respect the decisions of the staff and don't instigate drama. Feel free to take up any disagreements or conflict in Private Message. Posting modifications could be considered a form of "Art", thus only professional critique and feedback will be considered acceptable.
  6. No hacking or vulnerability discussion. ModTheGalaxy has an excellent working relationship with all emulator teams. We will not allow the discussion of Core3 vulnerabilities or bugs and require the immediate reporting of all exploits to SWGEmu's Bug Tracker. In addition, we ask that hacks not be discussed or encouraged on our board.
  7. You may only take credit where it is due. In the past, users have tried to take credit for work that was not their own. This is not acceptable and will result in the termiantion of your account.
  8. All posts must be in English. Because it is the most commonly used language among our community, we ask that all participants only post in English.
  9. No multiple accounts. As there is no necessity for a user to have more than one account, and to avoid clutter, we ask that users only create 1 account. Typically, second accounts are only used when a user loses access to their primary account (for which they should contact community@modthegalaxy.com) or join IRC; Or if they are evading a ban placed on their account. Either way, it shoudl never be necessary for multiple accounts to be created, thus it is prohibited.
  10. You must own Star Wars Galaxies to access ModTheGalaxy. Because ModTheGalaxy distributes various client-based files related to Star Wars Galaxies, you must own a valid non-torrent copy of the game (This means you are in physical possession of the CDs) to have a ModTheGalaxy account. If you do not own SWG, you are not allowed to have an account or access ModTheGalaxy.
Modification Request Guidelines
  1. All Modification requests should be a "user" or "entity", requesting a modification posted for the community, NOT for individual gain.
  2. The goal of requesting modifications is not for "Help me do X on my private server", that is not what ModTheGalaxy is intended for. All requests will be public requests, and the modification MUST be released to the public.
  3. You are NOT allowed use MTG as a forum to post requests intended for only "one" community. ModTheGalaxy is not for emulators to request modding or development work, to then only be used/released by their emulator only. While single-version (Meaning a Modification only intended for Pre-CU or NGE) modification development is acceptable, it is not acceptable to post requests related to only one emulator or community getting to use a modification. We are STRONG supporters of open-source projects.
  4. These forums may not be used to recruit modders for "Special Projects" or "Private Projects". Requests submitted must be posted on the forums, never via Private Message.
Modification Sharing Guidelines
  1. You may NOT post any modification, or client file/edit that modifies or attempts to modify a service not related to Star Wars Galaxies.
  2. You may NOT post, or transmit illegal files, or data, by means of posting a modification through ModTheGalaxy.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to post a modification that contains files that could be considered "malicious", "malware", "a virus", or "computer bug". If you would like to share a modification or tool that is non-SWG related, please post it in the Off-Topic forum.
  4. Special Policy in regards to Server Content Releases: [NOTICE] All "Server" content that is shared with ModTheGalaxy is reviewed by the ModTheGalaxy Staff and tested. Following approval, all content is automatically added to the ModTheGalaxy Community GitHub Repository. You can find more information on this here. Inclusion in the ModTheGalaxy Repository is mandatory and automatic unless specific permission is granted for a user's modification to not be included. The reasoning for this is in total part to our goal of continued documentation, sharing, and open-source proceedings. Specific requests must be emailed to community@modthegalaxy.com if you wish to exclude your modification from the directory repository.
Violations of Guidelines
  • Moderators will remove posts, or revoke the access of users (either temporarily or permanent) for violations of the above guidelines. While general violations will first result in warnings, after several warnings, users will be suspended or banned. However, note: We obtain the right to ban any user, at any time, for any reason.

Please note that while we will make it our utmost priority to update you when these guidelines are changed, you agree to check them regularly. By accessing ModTheGalaxy you agree to follow these guidelines.

If you have any questions about the ModTheGalaxy Community Guidelines, or you believe any action was taken against you unfairly, please contact community@modthegalaxy.com.

May The Force Be With You,
The ModTheGalaxy Staff