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Welcome to Mod the Galaxy!

The aim of this site is to provide a non-biased and friendly environment for all current and potential modders of Star Wars Galaxies and especially for it's Emulator counterparts!

Although there are not many explicitly set out rules, while on these forums you will be expected to act in a mature, friendly and welcoming manner. There are no stupid questions! (Well, there are but only when they're not relevant Tongue).

You are not allowed to take the username of or impersonate in any way a member of the SWGEmu or SWG:ANH staff. If you are a member of emulator staff please register and activate with your staff email address (e.g. davinfelth@swgemu.com) if you are not in posession of one then please contact Forums Email to verify your identity.

Spam and advertising is disallowed on these forums and any users found to be doing either will be permanently or temporarily banned as determined by the nature of the advertising or spam. As part of this rule you will be unable to include a URL in your signature until you have made at least one post.

Please refrain from using duplicate accounts unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

New users who are pending activation have one week to fully activate their account. All accounts that have not been activated a week after registration will be automatically purged.

The Administrators and Moderators on this site are given the free reign to decide what is appropriate and what actions to take. If you have any concerns relating to a ban you may have been given or a particular admin or mod then email abuse@modthegalaxy.com

There are a couple of things on this site that should help you in your modding experiences, here's a run down of some of them:

PHP Tags

Progress Bar
If you want to add a progress bar anywhere in your post, either to show how far you are on your project or just for laughs then you can do that like so:
Which will show as:

Want to show someone a wiki page? You can easily link to articles like so:
[wiki]File Types[/wiki]
Which will show as:
File Types

Or if you want the text to be different use wikit:
[wikit=File Types]Look at this![/wikit]
Which will show as:
Look at this!

You can join us on IRC at any time on the irc.swgemu.com network in channel #modthegalaxy come in for a chat or for some help on something, whatever the reason we're happy to have you Smile irc://irc.swgemu.com/modthegalaxy if you have an IRC client or you can use our web based client HERE

There are several forums to start out with and these will be expanded as time goes on, to make things easier and more simple for everyone for now, there are 9 main forums to lurk around on (but don't really lurk... participate! Wink)

Make sure to follow the topic for each forum to save us having to move threads in the incorrect places, and when posting be mature and friendly!

That's all I can say other than HAPPY POSTING! Big Grin