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5th gen lightsabers blade color
Good Morning, I have the 5th gen lightsabers on my server utilizing Lasko's .tre files, they look great, the only issue is that i can't figure out why the saber blade stays red no matter what color is in it for some of them, and for some of them the color is slightly off but still keeps that thick red saber trail. Can anyone help me out or point me in the direction i need to go to fix this?

ill have to go add the sabers myself and check whats going on give me a few days and ill update you
From what I've understood with the Saber blade trails and colors is, there's a set amount of colors in the palette that has an associated blade trail. Each Lightsaber has a palette like anything else, and that palette by default actually has more colors than what is provided by crystals in the game.

Now there's a number of colors seen in the game that has the trail associated with it, but if you switch it to a color that isn't normally in the game (such as Silver/white) it lacks that trail color, and it uses the thick default red instead. You might already understand it that by default weapon trails are the 'red ribbons' seen on anything else, this is likely the Lightsaber using the red ribbon instead of it's specialized trail.

If Lasko's tre files did any changes to the palette it may have broken the association of the color and the trail, but I can't say for certain. Logically, if you were to replace the color of a default color that has it's own trail, you'd expect it to keep that trail.

I'm using the TRE files also. I will check to see if the problem is happening on my end as well.
Thanks Guys!, oddly enough the "default" trail that you are referring to sticks to the actual lightsabers, i used my same exact learnable schematic to make a 5th gen (4th gen template of base templates) and the color trails turn out fine for all of my crystals, named and un-named. It's most likely as you were referring to a palette issue with the saber models specifically.

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