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A couple of questions
Hi guys.

I'm currently adding weapons to my environment and am hoping you can help me with the following.

I would like to add Skill mods or Weapon dots to rare loot items. The closest I have come to finding anything on this is the following comment "{"attribute", 2}, -- See CreatureAttributes.h in src for numbers." on the NS Lance so will need to play around with that to determine what number represents what stat as I cannot find 'CreatureAttributes.h'.

Also. Is it possible to have armour/clothing to drop with sockets? Cannot find anything on that either  :/

CreatureAttributes.h is in src/server/zone/objects/creature IIRC, but it's basically just a numeral value for the 9 HAM bars in pre-cu.
Thx Valkrya
Sussed the skill Mods and dots (thx for the pointer Valkyra).

Anyone know the code to have clothing/armour drop with sockets pls? This one still eludes me :/

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