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A man craves the coming months...
So I don't know about the rest of you but the only thing I've been doing for the past week besides coursework is rewatching Game of Thrones in anticipation for season 3. It's now safe to say I cannot wait for this year to kick off. So many epic things to look forward to.

Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, a ton of really exciting films. I'm even looking forward to SyFy's new tv series "Defiance" but that's only because the Farscape writer and Walking Dead music guy are involved. :p

World War Z, Iron Man 3, This is the End, Kick-Ass 2, Ender's Game... Hell I'm even looking forward to The Great Gatsby which I hated back in school, but Leonardo DiCapiro is not only awesome, he also appears to have a talent for choosing the right film offers. (Has he ever done a bad film lol?)

So what is everyone else looking forward to this year?
I know right, this year is looking pretty hopeful when it comes to entertainment, tons of promising games too, listed some in the other thread. Both industries are finally reverting back to quality!

Lots of big names, but I sure hope most won't flop.

What am I looking forward? I haven't payed much attention to movie releases lately, but off the top of my head....

The Borgias, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, House of Cards (US reboot), Rush (F1 movie about Niki Lauda), World War Z, Kick-Ass 2, This is the End, Grand Theft Auto V, Rome II: Total War, BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF I FORGOT ABOUT! Oh yea and the War Thunder release, it's really such a great game in arcade even though it's unbalanced atm. Way more fun than your typical FPS.

The Great Gatsby for sure too, the trailer looked great. The guy really is in like only good movies, I do find him great too though, even if there are a lot of people who find him annoying. Plus he was one of the first to buy a Fisker Karma too, being bias ftw!

I also got such a fucking huge backlog of games and movies to watch, this year is gonna be so filled with fun stuff, lol.
Game of Thrones definitely! Also, many more months down the line is the last ever season of breaking bad which is going to be awweeesssoommmee!

Plus, in a week or two I will hopefully finally buy a half decent graphics card (nothing pricey, just so I can actually play a game made in the past few years! Big Grin) Not sure what I'm going to play when I get that, will maybe resub to eve for a month just to see if I can get back into it with my old character, will also give SWTOR another go, now that it's free and I can play it on my own PC... any recommendations for awesome games would be appreciated, especially sci-fi games... which reminds me, want to play Deadspace too, man I'm behind!

That Defiance series sounds interesting and that is a great combo, loved Farscape and Bear Mccreary is awesome!

Also looking forward to Django Unchained but more than that is Star Trek: Into Darkness, Benedict Cumberbatch should be interesting plus, saw the Hobbit finally a couple of days ago in IMAX 3D with HFR and that was so cool, but the first ten mins of Star Trek got me really excited about it Big Grin

Edit: Also, if anyone can recommend a graphics card between £30-£50 that would also be super cool!
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
30-50? That slims it down quite drastically, makes it really difficult! :p

From what I saw, Nvidia has 9800's and 3xx series in that range, both are pretty damn old. Or the extremely low end 5xx and 6xx cards.

What do you mean with 'games made in the past few years', examples?

Just as an example though, 560 GTX is 100-140ish and it's a pretty damn decent card. Probably the upper ranges near 100 or slightly above would give a lot more boom, but I really haven't followed the market in a while, waiting for the 7xx cards to upgrade.
Defiance sounds interesting but judging by the trailer and the fact that they're trying out the "tv series with an mmo" idea, the budget is looking very low which just doesn't work for shows with a sci-fi nature. That and I haven't seen SyFy produce anything decent in a very long time.

Honestly I lost all hope when they killed Stargate Atlantis off for no reason (easily one of the best sci-fi shows ever), then the mess that was SGU killed off sci-fi tv all together lol. (I mean really, have you seen any decent Sci-fi on tv since?)

I'd much rather someone just start Farscape back up. Where the hell is that web series?!

Either way I have quite a few shows to catch up on and 20+ anime series I've been sitting on for a few months now unable to watch because of school. Finally hand in my assignments tomorrow morning. The stress will be gone, then I can get to work on watching all this stuff, not to mention the dozen or so games I've got and yet to play. xD

And 30 - £50 graphics card? I didn't know those existed. It definitely wouldn't play swtor. Some Pong perhaps? Tongue
I saw Django tonight. Let me tell you, it's a fucking masterpiece.

Gonna see it again in the US.
(2013-01-08, 03:25 AM)Timbab Wrote: I saw Django tonight. Let me tell you, it's a fucking masterpiece.

Gonna see it again in the US.

Wut, how did you accomplish this? :O
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
There is a..... version floating around in pretty decent quality. *Cough*

Gonna see it again 100% in the theatre though.
Yeah I grabbed that version as well but I haven't watched it yet. I know a few guys who have though and it seems to be all praise from them.
(2013-01-08, 12:48 AM)Tonberry Wrote: And 30 - £50 graphics card? I didn't know those existed. It definitely wouldn't play swtor. Some Pong perhaps? Tongue

I managed to get SWTOR playing at 12 to 24FPS on an ATI Mobility X1400 with 1GB DDR RAM and a Intel Centrino Duo.

A $50 graphics card is more than adequate for Low to Medium graphical settings.
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