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Add NGE painting on Pre-cu serv
Hi, I would like to add some painting on my serv but when I launch it, an error appeared and tell me (a nil value)

So I checked my objects.lua (I have take it from my original lua on my serv in object/tangible/painting/objects.lua) and saw in a line "Client CRC" but when I looked to my crc string table.iff in my tre it's not the same code

on the serve it looks like 1468756423

and on the tre 0xADJFCxa

(it's an exemple I have not copy-past)

Do you know what I need to do for add a NGE painting with no error ?
Just an idea as a work around on this. Could you save the texture and duplicate an existing pre-CU painting with the exception of having a different texture and identity? Then implement that copy into the game.

Of course assuming the pre-CU painting and NGE have the same resolution ratio.

As for your question, I haven't the skill yet to help you there.

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