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Adding a burn dot to an attack.
So my goal here is to give a Krayt Dragon a burn dot either through a completely new attack or giving it the weapons = {"creature_spit_heavy_flame"}, that the Fire Breathing Spider has in the Geo Cave. Now going into this, I would've bet my life that that Spider could apply a burn dot on you through that heavy flame attack or some burn based state attack it had. Going into everything though I realized either I'm insane and remembered wrong, or it's broken somehow from something either myself or someone else did.

So ultimately I guess what I'm asking is does that heavy flame attack actually have a burn normally? If not, is it possible to give it one? And then here's what I have on a completely new attack if I need to go that route.

CreatureAreaBurnCommand = {
        name = "creatureareaburn",
        combatSpam = "attack",
        animation = "creature_attack_special_1",
  dotEffects = {
        {"resistance_fire", "fire_resist"},

    areaRange = 25,
    areaAction = true


So that attack throws this error then.

fileConfusedcripts/commands/creatureAreaBurn.lua ERROR cannot open scripts/commands/creatureAreaBurn.lua: No such file or directory

So if you're able to create new attacks I guess I'm missing adding it somewhere else, but I referenced other pre-exisitng attacks such as creatureAreaPoison and didn't notice that anywhere else other than creatures.

Thanks in advance guys.
It's been awhile since I had time to look at any emu stuff myself but what first comes to mind is there may be an objects and serverobjects lua that you would need to include your new command in.

My approach would be to take an existing command and search for all instances that command appears in files then be sure to mirror that with the new command.
I did a quick search and pasted the results below. This should help get you on the right direction server-side on what files to alter. Also, I believe in the .tre files there is a command datatable that you prob will need to amend to include your new command using SIE.

vagrant@swgemudev:~$ ack BodyShot3Command
44:BodyShot3Command = {

57:#include "BodyShot3Command.h"

11:class BodyShot3Command : public CombatQueueCommand {
14: BodyShot3Command(const String& name, ZoneProcessServer* server)

810: commandFactory.registerCommand<BodyShot3Command>(String("bodyShot3").toLowerCase());

1217: ../../../src/server/zone/objects/creature/commands/BodyShot3Command.h \

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