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Adding CU Weapons To SWGEmu
Adding CU Weapons To SWGEmu..

This guide assumes you know how to manipulate SWG .tre files, that is, examine, extract and create new .tre's with all of the files needed to add new items to the game. If you are not familiar with this process you REALLY should be so check out other guides on this forum.

This guide just adds CU weapons, NGE are slightly different as the .lod files actually need to be edited and this will be covered in a seperate guide. Also to point out this process actually adds these items to your SWGEmu server, it is not just a simple mod.

For this guide we'll start with the Proton Carbine from the Rage of the Wookies expansion.


Tools needed, or at least what I used.

Tre Explorer

Both are widely available.

Server Side additions.

All of the ammended and additional files on the server are Lua files and pretty much everything that you can add will follow a similar format.

Additional files.

1. First create the object template file.


Copy the contents of a similar file and amend to suit the Proton Rifle, pay particular attention to the objectTemplate lines at the begining and end of the file and make sure they are changed to reflect the new weapon using the same format and check for typo's. This is where the weapon attributes can be customised with endless possibilities if so desired.

2. Next amend the file....


To this, again copy the details from a similar weapon, and paste them so the new block sit in alphabetical order in the list. Change the details to reflect the new weapon attributes, these can be found using view pane in tre explorer. To find the object crc, open the .tre file in treEdit, find the shared_carbine_proton.iff and right click and select proporties where it will be listed.

3. Now amend file....


Add the includeFile line for the file you created in step 1.

This conludes the steps for adding the template files.

4. Lastly copy the .tre file with the relevant proton rifle files (for the sake of this exercise we'll call it patch_proton_rifle.tre) to the directory containing your servers .tre files, them amend config.lua and add this file to the list.

These four steps is all that is needed to add the Proton Carbine to the server. After you have completed the client side additions you can add this weapon to the blue frog and pull it from there. At this moment there is no other method of obtaining the carbine in-game. It can now be added to loot tables and groups or a new loot group specifically for this weapon can be created. Also a custom screenplay could be created with this weapon given as the reward.

Client side additions.

Once the server side changes have been completed, copy the file "patch_proton_rifle.tre" to you client directory where all the .tre's reside and add the following addition to the file



The numbers may vary on your file depending on what(if any) changes you have made. Just follow the same numbering system and all will be well.


If you use LPE it wll throw up an error, choose the ignore option or it will download and overwrite the changes you have made. Better still, dont use LPE.

If you wish to make the weapon craftable, the files are there in the .tre's to allow this, I'll update the guide with how when I've finished it.
which TRE is this from? i've looked around for guides on how to set up items serverside via LUA, but the only knowledge i've been able to figure out on my own is playing with other servers TRE files.. i was told the client and server use the same .TRE but no clue how to pull my own specifically such as for this proton carbine? sorry if this is the wrong place for this. i just posted here also asking about which TRE to use for this specific guide.
They're from .tre's that were introduced after what you currently have in your preCU install.

You'll need to obtain them, look through them, extract files and if you do server stuff, pack them into a custom .tre again. Note that, post patch 18, you can't open .tre files alone and need .toc files, I made custom ones which I'll link.

For the extracting and packing bit, you'll want to use SIE
thanks Timbab.
Forgot to link, you can get the custom .toc's from this thread.

.tre collection can be found hiar.
(2015-05-14, 05:19 PM)Timbab Wrote: Forgot to link, you can get the custom .toc's from this thread.

.tre collection can be found hiar.

Thanks a bunch man. ^
I followed this as accurately as I could but during sever start-up I receive an error "Invalid Path"
If you could post the error it would be very useful.

What exactly has an invalid path?

Without any further info I would have to suggest a typo somewhere.

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