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Additional playable races.....
Hi guys

I've seen the brilliant species mod that overwrites several of the original species but what I want to know is, would it be possible for those new species and perhaps more to be added in addition to the original set?
Yes its possible, requires additional server code.
[Image: 2156b479.gif]
If you set up a development environment and go through some of the basic documentation for how the server-side stuff is structured then adding new races isn't too difficult. Since the Object Restructure a lot of the server-side stuff is a lot less hassle. The client-side stuff is probably the bulk of the work.

In any case once a "complete" version of the emulator is released it's very likely you'll see sites like this one with sections for server side mods to add features like this with ease. In short it's very likely a lot of big server communities will have this feature once the emulator is released.

Specifically which new races are chosen will depend on how deep their customization can be. (You'd want them to have roughly the same amount of options as current races which not all of the non playable races have. For those that don't there would be a lot of new art assets needed to get them to the same standard as the original races.)

With that said there are a few races in the files which may have been intended to be playable like Kel Dor. Unfortunately they only had 3 mask models to choose from, so we'd need more to make them worthy of being playable. This goes for quite a few races. It'd be nice to unlock some of the unused assets too like Sullustan hair and Wookiee beards. Tongue

[Image: kel_dor_2.jpg]
Tonberry as a total noob to modding anything, can you point me in the right direction on how to start learning to mod for SWGemu specifically?
I would really just recommend going to our tools section and downloading TRE Explorer. This is the main tool for modding so just grab that and get familiar with it. Once you've opened up one of the tre archives just have a browse through them, learn which files are where etc.

Checking our wiki will also get you familiar with which file formats do what and how they are linked to each other. We do have a few tutorials but nothing specific or in depth.

Just diving in and referring to the wiki when needed will be the best way to learn. The absolute basics of modding is essentially just renaming files so once you've got a feel for the client it should become a lot clearer, and then the more advanced stuff will click into place.

One other thing which can help is to download a few existing mods and look through them, see where they go, what they do and which file formats they include. This will help you a lot in terms of learning the structure of things.

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