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Another Noob Question (or a few)
I appreciate the feedback I received on my first nub post. I followed Lasko's guide on importing a barc into my core3, and then I was able to import a few speeders (before I tried to do a sith speeder and crashed my server).

Anyways, I wanted to try and learn how to import buildings from the .tres into the server. I followed Duffstone's post but ran into a few situations to which I have no idea about. In my .tres, the mustafar bunker is listed as shared_musty_house.iff under the building/player and tangible/deed/player_house_deed locations. So, I set up .lua's that reflected that title (except of course I added _deed in the deed location). Now, in his post he left the construction file as a large corellian house. I ended up creating a new .lua called construction_musty_house.iff. Now my server will not boot fully, and without any expertise, I think this is where my problem lies. I went back into the .tres and double checked the file wordings. I could not find any construction .iff files (though to be honest I'm not sure where to look). Also, in addition to the building/player and tangible/deed/player_house_deed locations, the bunker has .iff files for draft_schematics and loot_schematics.

So, where abouts are construction files located or what file type (like .sfp or .cdf) is construction files listed as inside of .tre files? A better question, I suppose, would be if I could just simply use the large corellian house construction .lua? Lastly, do I have to create .lua's for the bunker's draft_schematics and loot_schematics if I do not plan on using them? Could I simply add the deed to a frog or just generate it through a createitem command? I appreciate any feedback to this situation.
i know this isn't the question, but i might be able to help with the sith speeder if you want. i imported one to mine, and it's working fine.
I could be wrong, but I don't think the people that did the .tres finished it yet (it's not on their live server). I think once I learn how to import stuff from the .tres, I may be more confident about changing the coding within the .tres. It sucks loving swg so much but having so little experience with coding lol. Thanks though.
All of the files needed top add the post 14 housing to the emu core are in the releases section of this forum..... all the works been done for you, you just have to install them and play. They are not complete as some are missing the player terminal etc.

That being said....

the construction file is just for the markers that pop up with the flags when you place a structure. The corellian one is used as its a large house and has a big footprint like the bunker. If you study the files you'll see that many houses use the same few construction files. In practice you could use any file and it wouldn't affect the placing of the house.

Best way, rather than me try to explain would be to download the files and study those to see how they work......

Now on to the BIGGER question.......

Many items from the NGE are incompatible with the Emu Core3 in their standard form. The houses are one of them, so you cant just extract from the tre files and script them to work. NGE weapons are another.

Tonberry has a basic guide in the guides section that goes some way to explain the reasons why, but to make them work you have to edit the iff files.


There used to a lot of really useful information in the wiki here regarding file information, but that disappeared and has never come back up. The best way with the housing at least would be to accept the fact they have been altered and compare the originals with Duff's altered ones. He also documented what he did to get them done.

As for speeders, not tried them yet, but I would guess there may be a similar problem.

If Krigulv would share how this was achieved that would be awesome.
Thanks Lasko. I think I figured everything out but the terminals; I'll try to find their pob's and double check. Hopefully once buildings are in I can start some conversions from scratch (cool junk loots and weapons), maybe lol. Thanks again.
i just saw that last line in your post, Lasko.
the sith speeder wasn't all that different from adding in a barc speeder. the sith speeder's deed iff from nge will not work, but i think that's only because its name is located in a tcg string file, which does not exist pre-nge. the speeder's main iff works just fine.
so for the deed iff, i just used the barc deed iff as a base and changed the strings.
the tricky parts were getting the rider's animation to work and getting the speeder itself to actually show up in game. requires editing quite a few files. i could do a tutorial for it later if anyone's interested.
Adding Noob question #345 from me ...

Remember the Housing Demolition / Purge? They had loot that you could spend your tokens (points or whatever) on and get neat looking deco? What publish was that and if someone can point me to list of .Tres or what ever I need to educate myself with, that would be appreciated. Again thanks in advance!

Update: found the Wiki Link if this will help: http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/House_Demolition_Program
(2014-09-17, 08:14 PM)Krigulv Wrote: i could do a tutorial for it later if anyone's interested.

I'd definitely be interestedSmile
Id like to know how to get the sith speeder rider animations working, no luck so far. Im using the barc animation which isnt quite right.

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