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Another species teaser
Put this together as motivation for Timbab, since I need his ACM editor to finish the job.

Super slick! I love all the species mods you do. I was trying to add Duros and Torguta (I think it's called) to my DevEnv but the files that should've contained the information for Duros and Torguta were empty on my SIE tool? Does that mean I have an incomplete set of .tres or something?

Sorry to steer off with a question. Anyways awesome work! I can't wait to check out Empire in Flames when it's available!!!
You have to have a particular set of TREs/TOCs available to extract the Togruta, Duros, and other species. After the shutdown was announced, they were assets that were dumped into the files and never used. My old live install (yes I still have it) has them available for extraction, but the copy I can download on Steam does not.

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