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Aseet Customization Manager modification
Hello, I am trying to add two items to the asset customization mananger, One is the Rebel Mandalorian Helmet as a test and the other is a new custom item iv created. I have added the Rebel Mandalorian Helmet appearance file CRC to the CIDX table without luck, I tried two different index variables, one pulled from the NGE asset_customization_manager and also tried the original Mandalorian helmets index. The server continues to have an error when trying use the "color change" object on the armor. The Asset Customization Manager is pretty crazy, but I don't see what else I would need to edit, Doesn't the CRC listed in the CIDX reference a palette? Or is there more.

Forget manually editing the file, it's doable (See this) but it's just a pure mess for hex editing. It's quite annoyingly all linked together.

I'll have an editor for it in the next SIE update, whenever I manage to finish and release it.

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