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BARC Speeder - missing something, but dont know what
I have been attempting to recreate the BARC speeder using SWGEmu/Core3, and I have had quite a bit of luck so far, that is I seem to have all the server-side mods working as they should...that is I can generate the deed, generate the speeder itself..see it in the datapad, BUT...

It seems the appearance and sounds for the actual speeder onject will not load. I have an "invisible" BARC that I cannot manually target (I see the name though), I can actually mount it and fly around, if I /tar BARC and use the radial.

I also notice that the BARC sounds are not playing as well, despite being included.

So some details on what I have done on the client so far...I am use a custom packed TRE (and it does seem to be getting read, as I actually see the BARC model when I example the PCD in the datapad, and I see the proper names for it being read from the STFs.)

I also seem to have all the meshs, skts, effects, various appearance data, shaders, textures, saddle positions,etc..everything I could find and extract from the Publish 15 TREs, and modded the relevant files that come out of earlier patches.

The files I am using are mostly extracted from the 3 volume patch_15_00 thru 02 TREs (nothing newer)and I have added CRC entries for all the object entries (for the mobile, tangible, and intangible *.iffs)

I have attached my custom TRE to this post, in hopes that someone can take a look at it and and see what I am missing. You can also see what I have modded in the STF files (adding entries for the BARC)..and if it makes it easier for others to replicate this effort, happy to share. (FYI dont mind the TRE naming, was just keeping with SOE naming convention)

I know it can work, a partner of mine got it to work via dumb luck by simply dumping the entire contents of the patch_15 TREs in like it was a "mod", as such I know its something missing, and I am beating my head against the wall trying to figure out what exactly.

At any rate it seems like only part of what I have packed in my custom TRE is getting loaded.

So if any one more knowledgeable than me could point me in the general direction of what I may be missing, I would be most obliged. Thank you.
I've had a quick glance over the TRE file you posted and on initial inspection, everything that would cause the problem you describe seems to be in order, I couldn't spot any missing texture or shader files etc but this is without looking in too much detail.

In TRE Explorer there is an option to 'Export File Chain...' when you right click on a file in the center pane, have you tried doing this with the player BARC object IFF file in the original patch_15 TRE? If not then try doing that, it should automatically export all the files the BARC file references (which will also export a few files that are used by other objects, vertex and pixel shaders in particular) as long as they are contained in that TRE, you might want to try opening the sku_0.toc and doing it from there (in which case you'll definitely have everything you need.
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I originally was going to extract the chains from the TOCs, but I noticed what I was getting was a LOT different than the chains I extracted from the patch 15 files, and I figure that is due to the fact its extracting far newer versions.

Made some progress...

That is I can have the client load the patch_15_00 & 01 files from SOE, and whala..I get my appearance, so I know I don't need to edit any other files to get it to show up, so down to a matter of playing "find the file(s)" it seems.
Figured it out Smile via process of elimination.

In the end it turned out to be that the client did not like my edits to the /datatables/mount *.iffs that control the ride pose, saddle appearance map, scale range etc.

What I had done was to extract the verions of those files that were current for Publish 14.1 and added the BARC entries (I did that as I did not want the extra entries I am not using that were in the Pub 15 versions). When I replaced them with the unmodified Pub 15 versions. BAM..got my Barc showing up.

In the process also figured out a secondary problem where my toon was not showing up seated properly, and that wound up being the result of a single file that was not obvious at all...

That being;


w/o that looks like I am flying spread eagle, with it, all nicely mounted on the bike.

Now I do have a cpl minor nit-picky issues left, maybe someone can help...

1. The deeds themselves do not display the BARC Speeder name in inventory, they simply say (System Generated).

2. When I examine the PCD in the datapad, there is no description text.

Anyway..very excited to have this working finally, Spent waaaay too much time poring over files looking for the next pieces LOL
For text (string) related stuff, look at the:


Found in /object/tangible/deed/vehicle_deed/ of patch_15_01

If you look into the chunks, one hints at "pet_deed", then if you search for it, you'll find it in /string/en/ called:


Either edit the original or replace it with this one, should work fine, but in case it doesn't, add this to the original pet_deed.stf at the bottom:

ID: Whatever the next number is, after the last.
Name column: barc_speeder
Value column: BARC Speeder

I'm amusing you have the shared_barc_speeder_deed.iff already in your directory, because you're creating it for real on your server, so just do the pet_deed.stf thing to link it.

I'm not sure if that solves the description problem.

If you'd want do a swap with one of the current models, you'd need to go to their deed.iff, and (it should be) in:

FORM>FORM(2nd one)>FORM>XXXX(2nd one)

Copy that into your original vehicle deed that you want to replace, to get the name right.

I think you might need the XXXX chunk above it too, which I think creates the item name.

So I think, the description might actually be in the pet_deed.stf, if look at it right, first XXXX chunk links to the name, second chunk links to the description.
Not sure if this is relevant to you Kinshi,

But I had the same spread eagled pose whilst holding a weapon on the BARC. Was this the same thing and did you manage to cure the pose with the edit?

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