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BGM for zones
So as I was visiting the Coronet cantina I thought about how the lack of background music had this influence on the immersion factor. I often find myself being forced to play appropriate music through YouTube or WMP if I want some sort of Cantina-esque environment when anywhere else that is not Mos Eisley.

So I was wondering why not mod the Zones to have an actual BGM track?

Image Design tents have it, The Mos Eisley cantina has it, why not the other cantinas?

So now I'm wondering how exactly would I go about doing that? Does the server determine what music files to play in what areas or is that info store alongside the BSP files in the client archives? And if so, what file would I need to modify?
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I can't remember exactly which file controls music and I don't have the client on this machine to refresh my memory. I'm guessing it'll be some form of datatable with everything listed.

The SWG music system has always felt a bit "buggy" in a sense of it sometimes tripping itself up and looping the start of the same track for a few seconds. I don't remember much of that problem with Pre-CU but certainly afterwards, so I'm wondering if the introduction of more tracks is what caused it.

Anyway I've only tested with adding completely new entertainer songs so thats all I can really help with off the top of my head. I'd go have a look through the datatables first and see if anything music related is in there.
it should be possible. I have Restuss on the EMU playing blaster fire, explosions, and such.
This is one thing that urks me, if im staying in the cantina for a long period of time ill youtube repeat some kotor cantina music, lol
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