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Bounty/Request: Increase Player Building Draw Distance (CLAIMED)
What the title says

Increase building draw distance past the 190m current limit that is on current swgemu core3 build

We hereby offer a bounty of $25, to the first person that posts here (and we can successfuly replicate it) the code/file changes required to excecute this modification.

Havnt found any files regarding this.
Solution was posted, it was provided by Anach

He is now eligible to claim the bounty

For everyone here is the solution:

// The range of objects kept within closeObjects vectors.
// Changing this will have a large impact on performance.
public static final float CLOSEOBJECTRANGE = 192;

we changed ours to:
public static final float CLOSEOBJECTRANGE = 550;(which is the player city maximum radius + extra)

and the improvement of the cities visual appeal is DRAMATIC.

if anyone has not done this yet in your server, you should, it makes ALL the difference, do it and ask your players, they will have wondered how were they ever without this.
I would like to thank EVERYONE for the assistance you gave us, with your help this is how our city looks now:

DRAMATIC difference vs 192m and no lag noticeable

From our cloner:
[Image: 8ebb5e655d725158c80fa6b70bc1b2e3.png]

Aerial View:
[Image: 16dff6bb65e7073dd954a087d688083c.png]

Thanks so much for your assistance!, it was a big step towards bringing our city to its former glory!

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