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Bounty/Request: Modify /object createarealoot to create items from IFFs ($15, Unclmd)
Hi guys,

Us again, if anyone is interested we have another bounty up:

We hereby offer a bounty of $15, to the first person that posts here (and we can successfuly replicate it) the code/file changes required to excecute this modification, said modification would then be public and free for everyone else in the forum to use, were only providing the incentive Tongue

To claim the bounty, simply post the code, and PM me your paypal information, once verified we will send the funds from our server donations fund into your paypal as a thank you from all of us.

It should be a fairly straightforward mod for anyone with the skillset and should not take more than a few minutes, i hope someone finds this bounty interesting.

Details of the Bounty request is as follows:

We want /object createarealoot to work like this respectively:

/object createarealoot object/tangible/recycler/ore_recycler.iff <range> (or in a different format, what ever works best/easiest)

So that if we include the IFF path it will create that specific item and generate it on all the nearby players inventories, if not it would work just like normal from a loot table.

This is should help a lot with player event reward generation on the fly without requiring a pre-set loot table and a server restart every time.

Thanks again!

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