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Buffs and Icons
I'm working on a buff server side and it's completed and working. It is a unique buff, that should stack with everything. It only effect attributes, and is currently working correctly from a mechanical sense.

I would like to add an icon to the buff window for the player to track the buff.
I would also like a proper icon in the command browser.

Currently the buff works and completes granting the bonuses it should.
It shows no icon in the buff window while active.
It properly loads strings from STFs int he tre file and displays them.
It shows up in the command browser with the backup icon. The client shows this error in the log.

If anyone knows about adding buffs, commands, or icons, any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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What's the error..?
10:27:18: unknown location : WARNING dfc2c7f0: Retrieving fallback icon for [Command] cmd=[] str=[/gcw_selfbuff]

Sorry been a busy with real life. The CRC I used serverside for the buff is: 0x578e0f87

Also if I use a CRC for a different buff it load that up correctly with that name and description.
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