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Build a Building
Hi Guy's !

The French Newbie come back !

I want to learn how create or modify a building (and static too).
As i think, i must take a software and skill...... but i have a bravery Tongue

Seriously, if i want to try i must find a mesh or lod sofware ?
I must be concentrate on lod and mesh only ?

I find a structure of Kashyyyk. I want to try modified this for remove a linear city of SWG.
But i say try....

Apologies for my english.
And thanks by advance.

I have few questions, if you have answers....

I found to play with Cells puzzle in .pob


Now, we need to import new 3D model in game, but we have little problem.
Where is a fil for replace a texture....

vertex in PRTS in file.pob ?
[Image: botw16.jpg]
Mais tu te roules dans le stupre. Chatal kornek.
(2017-02-04, 01:35 PM)levarrishawk Wrote: [Image: botw16.jpg]

[Image: sw20.jpg]

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