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Build to 03-04 and Jedi pre-revamp 2003 - Full prof list here
**** hopefully the link with the Jedi prof boxes below is accurate  -  if anyone can verify please reply to this post.

Hey guys,

I am sure that someone has already created this and may be a moot point so if anyone knows where it might be please let me know.

I found a website that someone clicked on all prof boxes from Jedi initiate to Jedi Master (including Dark) showing all skills and points (Looks like SOE wanted the light Jedis to have a little bit more power than the Dark) >> http://www.calil.net/pre_revamp_jedi_trees.htm

I did some digging in the manager files and I found the holo grind stuff but nada on the above (I was probably looking in the wrong place anyways).

Does anyone know if someone has built out a server or files to setup a server to have jedi work off this template by any chance?  IF anyone has any info or knowledge of this I would be really grateful --  The hardest issue in finding this is what to use in your search and I just happen to stumble across this site off of Google and I have search quite a bit and so far this is the only real bit of info (outside of a few pics and one liners) about the original Jedi setup.

I now see why SOE made the statement of a full xp Knight being able to take out 4 or 5 players in one shot as these Jedi did not have a 250 point ceiling and basically a 4444 Jedi Guard (I read there were no Masters at that time due to the master box costing 620 apprentice points and no way of a Jedi getting these points) would have every Jedi skill available to them with their only real limitation being the skill bar.

My hopes are being able to get to a build of the original game from 2003 - 2004 era (outside of some of the adds like food revamp etc).  Most likely I am late to the party so if this has been done and if you know where I can find this please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any info or direction on this!

-Joe (Devinous)
I had this working before. I posted a guide http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...hoice-jedi but several key files were changed when the EMU team reworked them. Someday I would like to revisit this but I just don't have the time now.

You could prob follow along with what I did with the old files and make similar changes to the new ones. I do recall some of the changes were from when the revamped how training worked and they also made changes to the lightsaber crystals. And I think they may have moved the checks for what Jedi skills you can learn or drop of where you need the force sensitive skills etc. but this guild should help a lot if you're venturing down that path.
Thanks for passing this along,  unfortunately it looks like they have changed things since then.   To begin with the string "   if(skillName == "force_title_jedi_novice" && getForceSensitiveSkillCount(creature, true) > 0) {"   is not in the system the same way this one is and there is no 24 on the entire sheet.   There has to be a line of code someplace to tell it to require the 24 boxes,  I tested it with a Jedi run and I surrendered one box prior to the kneel for the padawan trial test and it sent up a box stating that I had to have 24 FS boxes and made me start the trials over in its entirety (I had just finished mission 16) so for some reason SWGEMU team is very hardcore about those 24 points lol.

Looks like the original Jedi did not have a skill point limitation which basically meant that a Jedi master had access to all skills in the jedi line,  which in my opinion is how it should be.   Its not an easy grind to get Jedi master and your character should be very powerful by then,  to many peeps and bh's cried about how unfair it is in a battle but they only had to grind like a normal prof (I had a master bh pre cu and a village jedi so lets not argue about which one is harder grind as the BH was cake compared to Jedi).   This however was the way of SWG they listened to the 4% that wanted it easy and destroyed the game.   I just wish they would have left all the damn game files in tact in a folder titled "good idea that needs a gamers touch and not an accountants" -  Thanks for letting me vent Smile
How it originally worked for skill points was the nov paddy box cost 250 points then nothing else had a cost. There was a column in the skills.iff file that if you trained a skill it prohibited training a different one (or ones). This way you were forced to pick between light and dark Jedi after Master Padawan. Since only this Jedi system used it the SWGEmu team never coded the functionality for that, however you can get around this by making Nov Padawan cost 249 points and the dark and light cost 1 point each.

I believe it wouldn't be too difficult to take that guide and figure out what to change in the new system, but I expect it would be a fair amount of work. The functionality would be similar. You could look at
https://github.com/TheAnswer/Core3/commits/unstable and search for the changes they made and see where you need to make the similar changes I had in the guide to the new files. Look around mid to early March and if you don't find what you need expand your net.

For example one of their major changes was moving the Jedi trainer functionality in with the trainers and re-writing how all trainers worked. This will be one of the files you would need to review https://github.com/TheAnswer/Core3/commi...e9d22971bc

Also you could try using bits of the original code in the guide in the search box at https://github.com/TheAnswer/Core3 For example I searched force sensitive and after skimming through the results I found one of the main files you would need to change to get the trainer to teach the new pre pub 9 skills

EDIT: I just did a quick search for force_title_jedi_rank_01 found the spot that you would need to change to 0 from 24 that you mentioned in your post above.

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