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can i mod with blender?
I use blender and am quite good at using it. I would like to remodel a lot of the atst's wepons armors buildings vehicles grass trees , everything oh and mission huts to look more to date. I can model them easily but how do I get them from blender into my swg game?Huh
If you look around there are tools for opening tre/toc files, extracting models, and importing them into various model programs. If nothing else you can probably export to a supported application and save in a format blender supports, if there's not already a way to do that already.

I'm a programmer, not an asset guy.
You can't do any Creatures/Wearables/anything that has a skeleton at the moment.

No idea how the Blender plugin works, but rosuto's Max script definetly works for statics (.msh)

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