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Can't open DDS files
Hello. I am running Windows 7 64-bit edition on a laptop. I have the latest version of Partha GIMP installed and I have the DDS plugin.

I tried installing both the DDS plugin for 64 bit under 64 bit GIMP and the 32 bit DDS plugin under 32 bit GIMP. I tried Partha GIMP and I tried normal GIMP. I ran it as an administrator and under compatibility mode.

Nothing I try works at opening a DDS file, I tried IrfanView but it cannot handle DDS transparency and it can only read them at that. My DDS plugin can write DDS files but it cannot read them, and crashes when I try to directly open a DDS file with transparency; i.e. a SWG texture.

I don't have any DLL problems that I can detect. I have tried using photoshop DDS plugin as well as using DDS converter 2.1. Neither one will work. Is there a DDS plugin anywhere at all that will work with Windows 7 64 Bit?

I'm trying to mod textures, and I am wondering what all the rest of you are using to do it. Thanks!

(The TREExplorer DDS previewer displays the DDS files fine by the way, but can't edit them as we all know.)

Any help or advice appreciated.
I use the NVidia dds plugin for photoshop.


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