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Changes To Player..
Hi guys.. Can someone tell me where to poke around to change...

1: Player inventory capacity
2: Spawn resources with specific qualities (not necessarily 1000 across the board but how to change the stats of a resource you can spawn). Example: Steel - Carbonate - 950 oq, 750 sr, 980 ma, etc etc

And also, I finally got a VM Ware image up so NOW I can do all this! Yay!
To generate a specific res with specific stats
/gmcreatespecificresource radioactive_type4 res_potential_energy,1000 res_quality,1000

To then create a stack of said res
/object createresource <name> 100000

If you then wish to increase stack size to 1m
MMOCoreORB > src > server > zone > objects > resource > ResourceContainer.idl
'public static final int MAXSIZE = 1000000'
Cool - Thank you Smile
Do you know how to modify inventory capabilities, like instead of holding 80 items, you can hold like 200?
I don't sorry...
It's in the tre files somewhere relating to inventory or backpacks..... Think it's in one of the base files can't remember exactly, but TA answered a similar question on the Emu forums quite a while back.

It was possibly either, dev discussion or server ideas.
interesting... even if you were to change it though, would the UI recognize it? I've been able to manipulate SP for years now (250 is never enough for testing), but I've never been able to get the UI to update and show & work with the new totals...


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