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[Client] ModTheGalaxy Client -- A PreCU Client with offline terrain loading
Got tired of having to log into Nova each time to test client side things, such as .WS or .TRN modifications, so I've made a few modifications in Uli's old client and hacked this together. I've also modified 'ui_scene_selection.inc' slightly, to allow for an easier selection of scenes (terrain files) if you have multiple. Also mucho thanks to Uli for always being there for technical questions and pointers, regarding asm in this case!

[Image: MMCiJY7.png]

What it does, is basically it enables two UI buttons that allow the user to load 'Scenes' without needing to be connected to a server and then to teleport around the planet based on a set coordinate map inside of a .txt file.

What it doesn't do, first of all, it is not a hack or can be used as such. Teleporting only works in 'singleplayer'. Secondly, 'singleplayer' is very raw and basic, don't expect to play, see mobs, fight or do anything game like. I've only made this so we have a quick access to the ingame renderer and system to easily test client side modifications or content, be it actual terrain files, snapshots, simple texture modifications, meshes, etc.

  • Installation
    Simply extract all the files inside the .7z archive to your PreCU SWG directory.

  • Loading a 'Scene'
    When you open the client, you should see the 'Load Scene' button:

    [Image: qqSVHQw.png]

    Once clicked, you should be greeted by the 'Scene Selection' window:

    [Image: t7KJ4sO.png]

    Then simply select a scene, hit next and you're done! You could also create a character, but it only sticks around while you're in the 'singleplayer'.

  • Teleporting to a location
    By default, you load at '0, 0, 0' (Unless you specifically set it in 'sLocal.cfg') on the planet that you've previously selected. If you want to teleport elsewhere on the map, simply open your 'Game Menu' (Ctrl+Esc) and you should see the 'Locations' button:

    [Image: 3xPQ8q5.png]

    Once clicked, you should be greeted by the 'Locations' window:

    [Image: QsJAByJ.png]

    Select the planet you're on, then the location where you want to teleport to and hit 'OK'!

    Note: It is possible to teleport to other planets, but I found it extremely unreliable/unstable. I haven't figured out the exact reason why it crashes, sometimes it works flawlessly. I'll try to eventually fix it if I'm able, but one thing I've noticed, either you only teleport after having been 'in game' for a while (It seems to lessen the crash on load) or you could try logging on on Nova for example, traveling to another planet, disconnecting, loading up a scene again and then teleporting across planets seems to work most of the time. But this process takes longer than simply 'Disconnecting' from the scene and selecting a new one.

  • Add or modify the coordinate map
    This is fairly straight forward, open 'locations.txt' and take a look at how I set it up, then just follow that example. I generated them based on the clientpoi and the clientregion datatables and the .STF strings they access, but you can enter anything really, as long as you follow the 'syntax':
    • If you use the '_' character in display names, it will be translated into a space in game, so for example: 'City:_Bela_Vistal' would look like 'City: Bela Vistal' in game.
    • Planets: use 'P', tab or space, terrain filename (without extension or path) and the display name, so as an example for 'terrain/corellia.trn': P corellia Corellia
    • Locations: use 'L', tab or space, display name, tab or space, XYZ coordinates, so for example: L City:_Coronet -178 0 -4504

    I've noticed that, if you modify it while ingame and simply close and reopen the Locations window, it pulls the updated content.

  • Adding in more scenes
    Go to 'ui/' and open up the 'ui_scene_selection.inc' and find/scroll down until you see 'DataSource', and right after the following '>' you'll find the individual <Data ... /> blocks for each scene, here you can simply remove, add to or in between the existing ones as long as you follow the following template:

    • description - The description of the scene, can be anything, because displayname doesn't seem to work, use as the 'visual name'.
    • displayname - Unsure how to actually get this to display
    • filename - The filepath to the .trn file.
    • Name - The internal name, I'd keep it the same as the actual name of the filename.
    • screenshot - The 'preview' picture of the scene, you can find already set up ones (Or add new ones to it) further up in the file, search for 'Name='screenshots'', then look at the <image .../> blocks. Once you've chosen one, for example 'space', enter it here like: 'screenshots.space'.

    So for a complete example, if you have a .TRN named 'mtg_test', you'd set it similar to this:

                                description='Mod The Galaxies Test'
                                displayname='MTG Test'

  • Other options
    At the moment there are only really 5 settings you might want to tweak, they can be found at the top inside of 'sLocal.cfg'
    • loginClientID - This sets your 'Username', I've put Local as default so it saves any UI changes made in game and doesn't lose them everytime. You can find the settings in 'profiles/Local/single_player/'.
    • avatarSelection - This links to the object template that you want to spawn as, you can change this to nearly anything I believe. Note that unless you modify them, the turnRate will usually be worse than the default object/creature/player/ objects.
    • freeChaseCameraMaximumZoom - This sets how far you can zoom out with your camera. The SWG default is normally 1.
    • singlePlayerStartLocationX - This sets your starting X coordinate, in case you want to keep loading somewhere specific. If you set this, it applies to all 'scenes' you load in, so be aware of that. The SWG default is 0.
    • singlePlayerStartLocationZ - This sets your starting Z coordinate (Not height, that is set automatically). The SWG default is 0.
Oh can't wait to try this out. Looks very cool
Thank you sir
Is it possible to edit terrain height map? If so how?
(2016-06-07, 03:37 AM)589ghoster Wrote: Is it possible to edit terrain height map? If so how?

Wrong thread? But yes, it is. Better ask in one of the threads about terrain modification.

Edit: Just realized how old that reply was, my bad.
Can't get the download to work for me, just sits on loading.
Just tried it and it worked fine for me??
Hmm. I'm using firefox, and still doing the same.
Downloaded fine for me in Chrome.

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