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[Client] ModTheGalaxy Client -- A PreCU Client with offline terrain loading
We can set up a mirror if problems persist - seems fine to me too though.
holy X-Wing Chewwie ! Just found this in my n00B phase of terrain editing! Thank you so much for this!
couple of questions: updated

1. figured it out lol -> client: install in the PreCU SWG directory, that the client game directory?

2. figured it out lol -> working on a new planet, I want to use the off line editor to see the objects in the .WS file I am working on ....so do i need to go thru all the steps to add the planet, compile a new TRE... OR can i just add the files and modify - using the tool to view along the way ?

UPDATE: so I have Complied a new TRE- added to the client side file sLocal.cfg file ..... it works now- just don't have an object at 0.0 lol.

Can't wait for a terrain builder app ..... /cough /cough .....how is that coming ?


Sorry so many things from the n00bTerrainGuy Smile

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