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Clone Wars Adventures .pack extractor
Hi folks!

Hope this is okay to post here - I was wondering if anyone on these boards has the CWA_Extractor tool by Uli that used to be hosted on ModSource? It's for opening the .pack files that comprise the assets for the old Clone Wars Adventures game.

It's a shame ModSource disappeared, but I know alot of members here frequented that site so I'd be really grateful if anyone can help me out!

I'll get him poked about it. He might still have it.
(2015-08-27, 10:01 PM)Viaron Wrote: I'll get him poked about it. He might still have it.

Cheers, I appreciate it Smile
Forgot to reply to this thread, if you still need it (This is Uli's), I've temporarily uploaded it:

It's from:

But you need an account to download.

General rule of thumb, if you need an extractor or info on a file format, always check xentax first. Good chance that there is a backup on there.

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