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Composite To RIS help
Hey people! i've seen some links to downloads for Composite to RIS replacer but they all seem to be broken Sad if any of you know or have a working link or maybe wanna create the mod i would greatly appreciate it! thanks.
This should do the trick.

Not sure if palettes work, they should, but I don't know. I rarely do model swaps, so I'm kind of at a loss.
Screwed the pooch on what I originally uploaded, my bad.

Here is the fixed one:

.zip   Composite - RIS.zip (Size: 717.34 KB / Downloads: 8)

Also fixed the palettes, but you'll need to manually edit one of them, if you want to change it, due to the fact that the Composite armor only has one changeable palette. Couldn't get the glove palette to work for whatever reason.

To do this, you'll need to use the TreExplorer and open each .sht inside of the "shader" folder, then;

[Image: LbeNwDS.png]

Select the "TFACPAL" Chunk at the bottom and change what I highlighted in the screenshot. Be sure to edit the field in the middle, where you can see the bytes, not the one on the right. Because it's essentially hex editing, don't use your backspace, just click in front of the 30 and type the 2 letters, if you messed up or want to change it again, just click in front of it again and start over.

Here is the palette it uses (wr_metal.pal):

[Image: OjOnYQH.png]

So it currently uses the palette color "30", if you want to change it, change the 30 to something else, such as "C8" for that orange.

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