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[Content] Ithorian Defender armor(re-texture)
Hello, I come here today asking for a modders help! Big Grin

(Ithorian Defender armor)

-I personally love the armor layout and style, but one thing that kind of gets me, is how the LEG ARMOR has a slightly off tint texture. if at all possible(I'm sure it is) to say,  re-texture the default(gold) color leggings to match say the chest&boots, it would give it that proper "flow". just an (idea) I know you guys/gals have more important things to work on, and have lives outsides of this. I can respect that, but if this could be done (when ever I can wait) I'd probably never log off SWGEMU. 

- P.s amazing stuff you've all done thus far!!

(1st time posting)

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