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[Content] New creatures to add to SWGEmu private server
I have an odd request if someone is up to the challenge if it is possible. It would be nice if someone could create creature files for someone to add to a private SWGEmu server. Not many, but a few:
Just to name a few. I don't know if this is possible or not but you don't really need to be head cashier at the walmart to know that these files do exist. They just aren't featured on SWGEmu. If anyone's up to it, you know what to do. I'm interested to see if it's possible or not.
all I know, Is export the chain file of each creature. pack it. crc it, import it. include them. then pop em in your swgemu_live and swgemu folder.
And then they should spawn? Just curious. N then how to make them tameable? Where would one find the files? Didn't want to make it sound like I need detailed instructions, but....I need detailed instructions. Sorry don't shoot!
ModTheGalaxy isn't for Server Side Support. But, after doing the client stuff Lasko said, You would need to create new LUA files in the mobiles folder stating them as spawnables and script them appropriately. Then you could use /CreateCreature to spawn them.

PS: I *HATE* n00bs that want to run Dev Environments with Core3 just to pew pew with their friends. Do something useful instead... though based on this thread, I'm not sure you're able too.
Don't know why all that other junk needed to be said. That was just uncalled for. I merely asked for help, but it seems to me that I just received a slap in the face from someone that I don't know and could care less about knowing. I have an extreme HATE for arrogance, and you have no idea what my intentions are, so what gives you the right to shoot me down like that? Thanks for discouraging me from something I had no intention of doing anyway. You can calm down now.

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