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[Content] New species for SWGEmu Core3 beta 0.5
thank you so much
okay, all weapons are working, backpacks also. but how can i allow to the new species to equip armors?
when im trying to equip, i have a "you lack the necessary requirements to wear this object" system messasge.
already included new species into wearables lua files, tried to append appearance_table.iff with new species columns (but i guess its not the problem, because new species are handled as human by game logic, right?) without any success.
what steps i missed?
What kind of armor are you using to test?
Composite, katarn (mtg repo), bone.
You need to add the new species to any wearable item that you would like them to wear, to the playerRaces = { list.

ie. the object files in:

or for existing wearables:


The new species need to be added to EVERY object file. Just look at an existing and copy the format. Including normal clothes, backpacks, armor etc.
thanks, i know, already did it. weapons are working, backpacks are working, armors (and maybe clothes, didnt try it yet) does not.
ill recheck the wearable luas, and ill copy one of them into a new post. (im using kfilereplace for this kind of editing, so i dont need to add it in every single file by hand, it does the dirty work, my job is just to validate it).
i used the same playerRaces = { list } for all items, i mean for weapons, wearables. i guess i just missed something, because weapons, backpacks are working (vanila and mtg).

guys, i really appreciate your support.
ok, i did a huge mistake. i used kfilereplace to add the races to the playerraces list, but because of the vendors the lua file is a little bit different (it contains the vendors also, not just player characters). i was too tired when i checked the files, but now i just opened up one of the composite armor's lua and tadam Smile
That would do it. Always check manually. Smile
If I do finally get around to doing another release, I think we'll add new languages, too.

[Image: unknown.png]
I have played around with this, even though the species name appears blank, it will recognise the species ID in the appearance_table.iff Great work by the way Halyn =)

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