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Copying and modifying a draft schematic
I would like to copy the draft schematic for one of the land speeders and use it to make a pod racer craftable. In addition I want to modify the schematic to require and additional lootable component. I'm very comfortable playing around in the Lua but I'm wondering what I'll need to do to the iff file a copy to make this happen. I don't really know the formatting of the iff files related to schematics and what needs to be changed to make a different object and add a component slot. 

Any help or nudges in the right direction for understanding iffs better would be awesome.
As I mentioned on irc, that should be handled .lua side afaik, I don't think you need to create a new draft schematic .iff object.

If that does need to be a thing, Object Editor will be done soonTM, working on it atm, as hex editing in object IFF files is a bit shit, at least adding new chunks and what not, especially Draft Schematic related Schematic Attributes, Ingredient Slots, etc.

Beyond that, hope someone else here can help. Smile
Thanks again for taking the time to talk through it with me Timbab

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