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could I modifiy my client files to render weapons while in first person view?
I would first like to ask if anyone thinks this can be done. If it seems the case then I will ask about the how.
I love first person mode and will learn how to make it happen, if it can happen.
The models all line up so well its just begging to be done.

Hey, unsure what you mean exactly. Do you mean that once you draw your weapons, the camera should change to first person?

Highly doubt you can trigger a camera event unless you do some heavy tinkering. Unsure right now about legit first person mode, I suppose it's possible, maybe, I'll have to check and see at some later point.
Oh no lol, sorry. I should be more precise. I meant draw as in render. It appears to me that the client stops drawing the player model and weapon when a certain close camera distance is reached.
I discovered this by playing with the camera distances.
My aim is to be able to use first person mode and render all the models at the same time.
I am hoping to find the switch that dissables the rendering of the character and modifiy or dissable it.
What do you think?
Don't think there is any 'easy' fix, you'd need to edit/inject stuff in the client, otherwise I'd need to tinker with it.

Like, you can't file edit the way the camera works if you hit maxed zoom/first person. Some things might be possible with camera offsets, forgot right now if it was possible through the files itself, and even so, it'd still be a bit hacky, sadly. :/

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