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Creating Pre Pub 9 style or Choice Jedi
This is doing my head in, I can't work out why it doesn't work. I have gotten the hologrind sort of working. You unlock your 6 profession and the box pops up and says perhaps you should go and meditate alone. But it doesn't grant the skill. I can target the player and /grantSkill force_title_jedi_novice or even /grantSkill force_title_jedi_rank_01 successfully without errors. If I try this before the 6 box popup that fails so it is allowing the skill to be trained.

I have managed to get the force shrine to successfully give padawan status when meditating but it will only allow me to meditate after I have granted the skill manually. The /findmytrainer works correctly once unlocked too. I just can't work out why it won't automatically grant the skill.

If anyone could offer any advise it would be greatly appreciated.

For mine I bypassed the shrine completely and had the holocronmanager award rank2 and padawa_jedi_novice for my pre9 set up
The shrine is working for me it is the holocron manager that is not granting the skill
You getting any error message, gyrantol? Perhaps if you post what your using for awarding the skill and any error message we could help.
No I am not getting any error messages at all that is the annoying thing. I have a work around at the moment. I have created a terminal which gives the skill. I have also changed the popup message saying to go and study the old jedi archives hidden in a specific location (aka the terminal).

But I would prefer to have it so it creates automatically like it should lol.
Posting a your code could help.
Sorry the hologrind_manager is the code that you posted in here previously...

function HologrindJediManager:sendSuiWindow(pCreatureObject)
    local suiManager = LuaSuiManager()
    suiManager:sendMessageBox(pCreatureObject, pCreatureObject, "@quest/force_sensitive/intro:force_sensitive", "You feel a sudden pull to Naboo to visit the Jedi archives hidden in the palace..... Once you have learned knowledge from the archives then go and meditate somewhere alone.........", "@ok", "HologrindJediManager", "notifyOkPressed")

-- Award skill and jedi status to the player.
-- @param pCreatureObject pointer to the creature object of the player who unlocked jedi.
function HologrindJediManager:awardJediStatusAndSkill(pCreatureObject)
    ObjectManager.withCreaturePlayerObject(pCreatureObject, function(playerObject)
        local pGhost = CreatureObject(pCreatureObject):getPlayerObject()

        if (pGhost == nil) then
        awardSkill(pCreatureObject, "force_title_jedi_rank_01")

I have tried placing the award skill in numerous places in the code even in the send sui window function because that works.

This is the code I am using for the forceshrinemenucomponent which works fine.

if (not CreatureObject(pPlayer):hasSkill("force_title_jedi_rank_02")) then
        awardSkill(pPlayer, "force_title_jedi_rank_02")
    CreatureObject(pPlayer):playEffect("clienteffect/trap_electric_01.cef", "")

Oh, ok. I thought it was the pre-pub 9 Jedi you were trying to get working and not the village style Jedi. I'm guessing your awardSkill(pPlayer, "force_title_jedi_rank_02") isn't working because you don't have the 6 branches unlocked.

The file used to be in workspace/MMOCoreORB/src/server/zone/managers/skill/ open SkillsManager.cpp. I mention it in the OP under "Server-Side" step 1. Depending on when you last updated I believe this check was moved to the village jedi manager. Go through Core3/MMOCoreORB/bin/scripts/managers/jedi/village_jedi_manager.lua and change all the checks and you should be good.
we are trying to have pre-pub 9 but we are using the current force trees.

The force_title_jedi_rank_02 at the shrine works perfectly it is the rank_01 from the holocron that isn't. As I mentioned it works from a terminal and works if I manually give the skill to the character. It comes up with an error if you try to give the skill before the 6th profession has been mastered and the terminal just does nothing. So the hologrind is doing something just not awarding the skill.
Completely Out of Date, None of the Files are in the Correct Directories. Can't find what I Need, anyone else have a Guide to make a Pure Pre-9 System?

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