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Creating textures from scratch?
Hi there, I read a few posts on modifying textures, but I would like to go back to the root and learn how people make the textures from scratch. For instance that Palpatine edit, how was the original face made and the other pieces? I understand how to put them together once all the .dds files are made, but was trying to get a little more insight into what tools are used from scratch.

Photoshop with NVIDIA's DDS Plugin, Gimp, Paint.NET... <- To create and edit textures and save them in DDS format.

Right now we can't really edit or make a new textured model from scratch and export it correctly in a SWG friendly format , Palpatine's model was made by whatever tool SOE used to make models back in the day, the texture for the face was drawn with that said tool to fit the model.

Since we don't have the tools right now, all we can do is create/edit textures which don't require said texture to be mapped to the right coordinates on the model (see Texture Baking and UV Unwrapping) such as ground textures (grass, mud, dirt etc), 2D flora, sky textures and gradients etc.

Tonberry merely edited Palpatine's face in Photoshop to give it a better look, you could try it yourself, it's as good a place to start as any.

You could try changing the size of the texture to a higher resolution to make it easier to work with, applying filters and tweaking the lighting levels, brightness, constrast, changing its color, and even painting on top of it to remove the bad compression glitches and pixels that SOE left us with.

Take a look at Timbab's Composite Armor retexture and what he accomplished with his tablet in Photoshop.
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Thanks for the info!!
What Kay said pretty much.

Here I posted my approach to painting on them itself, though it's kind of out dated, might give you an overall view of it though:


This isn't really all there is though, this is painting/texturing on an existing one, I only do this for items/detail stuff, environment is mostly with mouse. If you're interested in environment textures, look up seamless texturing guides on Google, that's mainly it.

How I approach environment:
1.) Open .dds in Photoshop
2.) Upscale to 2048x2048
3.) Find good stock photos of whatever I'm trying to make, have a wide range so you have more options.
4.) Slap the first one on that looks the most like the original, tweak with Curve/Color Balance/Vibrance, so it matches it colorwise.
5.) Use custom brushes and stock photos/existing textures to make it seem decent.
6.) At the end, merge, then Filter > Other > Offset, then enter half the resolution of yours, so for mine 1024x1024,
7.) CTRL+A (Select all) then CTRL+C to copy
8.) In history go back before merging the layers, CTRL+V the Offset layer you just made above them and softly erase the middle so the edges remain seamless, or you can sometimes use the clone tool, depends.

That's sort of how I do it, but it varies, once you get a feel for it, you can mix it up. I'm probably doing it all wrong rofl, it's the first time I'm doing it, but it sort of works.

I might make some full blown guides in the future once I got more experience.
Thanks for posting that Timbab, I hope you do write a full guide because if there's one area of this game that could definitely do with improvement it's the graphics. I want to start trying to do some texture work myself but I'm not too good with the whole textures thing Big Grin
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No probs, just noticed I forgot to add CTRL+C to copy after the CTRL+A. :p

If you got any questions about anything, hit me up on irc or whatever.

I'm suffering my way through the shaders at the moment... Sad
timbab, you should help me do a full textures revamp Smile What project perfection was going for.
Vlock <3

I'm actually working on one already, you can use it though when it's done. :p
There comes Vlock the lurker. Tongue
You should join us on SWGEmu's IRC #modthegalaxy, do it you know it's good for you.
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went in there. no one there.

and timbab, if you want an assist on it, let me know.

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