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CU/NGE Weapons files
I have extended this to include all of the CU and NGE weapons and added them to the MTG server repo. At the time of going to press there are a few minor tre errors that need addressing which I'll hopefully get to ASAP. The are noted in the terminal character builder Lua file.

If anyone would like to help and fix the errors before me then just add a link to the tre file here.

Included are the Lua files and the tre file for them. Note there is a CRC file but it will more than likely not be compatible with your server so you can add that.

They can be found here.

And you can view in context HereSmile
nice. So are you pulling these from the final patched TOC?
(2013-11-26, 01:23 PM)duffstone Wrote: nice. So are you pulling these from the final patched TOC?

No, just the CU patches, but after reading your guide on consolidating the .tre's I may try that. I want to make available everything I can of the post 14 stuff but was concentrating on the Lua scripts as they can be just as time consuming at times. Its either going to be armour or mobs next, but i'll add the Lua scripts as I complete each section. Feel free to add any if you likeSmile

I was just a little worried about what might upset the Core so I haven't gone past the CU with the tre's yet., I don't know enough about shaders and such, but know some stuff wont work as is.

I'm just starting to dip my toe in the world of tre's and client stuff and am quite excited about compiling all the .tre's that would work with Core3.
nm..figgered it out...
dead link
Thanks..... FixedSmile
I bet the CUEmu team would be interested.
Dead link again Sad
(2015-09-17, 08:18 PM)tiars Wrote: Dead link again Sad

I just pulled it as I'm adding ALL post 14.1 weapons to the MTG server very soonSmile

Hopefully within the next couple of days.
Could you please put what you had back up because it seems that the integration into the MTG server is delayed.

Also for those that are not using the MTG tre files it is easier to have "component" tre files as opposed to trying to extract them from the restructures MTG tre files.

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