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CU/NGE Weapons fixed
Apologies if someone's already done this - but in all my looking around I hadn't found this yet.

*  This RAR contains a weapon.iff datatable, CEFs, and object IFFs I made that will add *most* of the CU and NGE weapons back into the game with full, working effects.

*  I have also included LUAs that I've compiled and modified to cover ALL possible CU/NGE weapons (some from different githubs) - and a list of entries to append your character_builder_terminal (bluefrog)

*  This does not include NGE commando weapons, I am still working with those

*  I have not included the client CRC string table or any of the actual assets -

*  These files will work with the original CU/NGE assets and stringtables, OR they will work with the MTG TRE files being compiled by Lasko

I know that these are not 100% restored and 100% accurate, but 'most' is better than 'none,' eh?  Server admins can continue to tweak these and go for every little GCW and quest weapon if they want.   I have made reasonable generic stats in the LUAs for the versions I have rigged to spawn on the bluefrog.  Draft Schematics and all that can be generated by server admins for their individual plans.  I don't plan on updating this.  Just wanted to get the base weapons out there for everyone.

being reminded of Timbab's old weapon fix, this one actually just adds all the new weapons and effects, it does not modify the original weapons for swaps.

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