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Decorating using /GetObjVars (spout, onme)
I was following the steps at this part of :


Installed and the server is built again. I got an error while building and when i enter the game i get this message if i use /GetObjVars spout OR onme (not GetObjVars <<< alone):

"INVALID OBJECT.  Please specify a valid object name or objectid"

Does anyone know why?. Thank you guys.
I think the error is related to "src/server/zone/objects/tangible/terminal/characterbuilder/CharacterBuilderTerminalImplementation.cpp".  
But the command "Getobjvars (onme , spout)" doesn't work anyway. Just "GetObjVars" alone.

"INVALID OBJECT.  Please specify a valid object name or objectid".

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