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Dont understand what "you received a: %TO" means
Hi all,

I'm generally new to modding, although I have been able to import  Pod Racers and such.

Been trying to import a few other vehicles such as the sith speeder and have seemed to hit a bit of a roadblock.

When I select the deed from the frog I'm getting the message "you received a: %TO" although no item is given. Lua scripts all seem fine as I'm not getting any error messages on start up.

I am clueless to what this message means, can anyone shed some light on this for me? is it an issue with the Tre file for example. Bearing in mind I have consolidated a tre file that includes a set of vehicles and which is the same file I am pulling the pod racers from.

I don't know why you're thing isn't working but perhaps I can help give some context.

As far as I know, SWG has used &T things as a way of referencing another string (or line of text) inside of another string. For instance, if you select an NPC named 'Bob' and then type in a chat message saying "Hi %TT", your message will be transformed into "Hi Bob!". Same goes for %RT, which will replace the key with the race of your target, and I think %ST changes the sex pronoun, i.e. he/her. 

So in this instance it seems like the message is trying to reference an object, with %TO. It wants to say "You recieved a: <Insert your Item's name here>" but it's failing to spawn that object, meaning the key word is going to show up as a null reference (nothing is there, therefore there's nothing to replace %TO with).

Your script is running flawlessly as it would seem but it's not spawning your item somewhere, because it can't, due it not existing, or a failed reference somewhere. The game thinks it spawned it, but the game didn't know what to spawn, so therefore, nothing spawned. I don't know why this is happening, but I hope that gives some context to the specific error you're encountering. 

My best guess is, perhaps your CRCs are not set up, or an object reference is missing somewhere in the LUA scripts. Are you certain the TRE you're using is both in the server and in your client? 

Hope this helps at least a little bit!
Thanks for the help.

Yep Tre files are loaded on both sides as I can spawn Pod Racers which uses the same Tre file.

I fiddled around with the lua script and I am able to spawn the deed, although it comes up  listed as shared_vehicle_base and not the speeder name or similar. I have tried to spawn it and my server crashes with the error message

(292 s) [ObjectManager] ERROR - trying to create object with unknown objectcrc 0x89f095f7

(292 s) [ObjectManager] ERROR - could not load object from database

I take it there something going on with the Crc file then like you mentioned. I have only just started playing with Tre files so I am not pretty clued up on the structure or what the different files do. Its all trial and error for me at the moment.
Got it working, I can now spawn Sith Speeders.

I reworked my Tre File. I made sure that it mirrored exactly from what was in the original. Still didn't spawn but the server didn't crash this time, so I was back to where I was originally before I was messing around and had the %TO message.

I read up on some guides regarding the LOD file, and changed 0008 to 0007. All works fine now.

Thanks for your effort in helping this poor noob!!!!
Hey there,

I am also receiving this error - exact same situation, but I am using the Mod The Galaxy Community Content Repository git. Any thoughts @aag1220?

Should I have to "rework TRE files"? Or should the ones that @Lasko puts on the git hub work as is?

What does "rework TRE files" actually entail?

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