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Dromund Kaas for SWGEmu based Emulators
This release enables a user with sufficient knowledge the ability to add an original planet to their SWGEmu based Emulator server.

Dromund Kaas - v1.0

Special Thanks to:

I will not be making further updates to this mod, please don't bother me with questions on it.

Original Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ud9wo6

Server-Side TRE File: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ggz63q
Kaas TRN File (No SegFault): https://www.sendspace.com/file/kzwcts
Updated. Levarris released a server-side .tre file for Dromund Kaas as well as the required server side /bin/terrain independent of the TRE to load without seg fault error.

Download links have been added to the Original Post.

Thread moved to Server Content forum and re-opened.
unfirtunaky, this link is broken Sad
Yeah would be nice to have this up again Sad
I just might have this files.... Let me check a couple of devices / laptops....
I will update with yes or no luck...
Sorry.. false alarm .. no files for DK..
Worse news.. I don't know where all my examples, down loads from older MTG like Madalore and my work in progress stuff went .. oh my ...

EDIT: if someone sends me these files and the other files for the Mandalore Planet, I can post on my MEGA shared drive if that helps.
Anyone still have these files? I need something new TIA
(2017-05-26, 08:48 PM)2twisted Wrote: Anyone still have these files? I need something new TIA

They all exist as part of this release.


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