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Editing Armor Schematic IFFs?
I've been trying to add in new armor schematics using existing schematics as a base, but I've had no luck so far.
There's a section where there are two segments named XXXX. The second one includes the filename of the armor iff. The first is completely blank. Even without editing anything, saving the file will result in merging those two segments into one called XXXXXXXX that just includes the armor filename.
I've tried getting rid of the blank XXXX, and I've tried adding a single 00 hex to it, but those both end up breaking the schematic to the point that the server won't load. Has anyone had any success with this?
Editing the iff isn't the best way to do this, as the server can over-ride the values using lua files (thankfully). Have a look at how Kinshi made new armor for his Tarkin server,



These files are used in conjection with the iff (and other) files from the NGE client packed into a TRE on both the server and the client. As far as crafting values/stats go, it doesn't matter what is in the iff files as those are done in the lua files on the server.
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