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Editing .iff files

Could somebody please tell me how to access the data contained in the .iff files. I can view them with explorer but cant seem to edit them or access the data contained therein.

Any help here would be most welcome.


You need a hex editor such as frhed to edit the majority of IFF files (except for datatables which are natively supported by TRE Explorer).
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Brilliant, thanks a bunchSmile
Yes you need a hex editor. I made a tool ~3 years ago which will export the chunks to be edited by a hex editor and will recompile the sizes if interested. Also have a reversing tool I'd be willing to share here, allowing you to view and comment. It even has scripting support (C#) for automatically parsing things. This feature is mostly useful for finding discrepancies and verifying the current break is compatible with other files of the same kind. Helpful for any kind of hex really.

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