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Exporting SWG character animations (from SOE formats to other)
I am wanting to export oSWG character models or other animated models, along with their textures and rigging. (I do not care about being able to import them back into SWG). The intent is to get them out of the SOE formats and into something more standard/usable for non-SWG things.

Will the MTG Mesh Suite let me do this, and what are its limits? (I already know the scripts won't run in newer versions of Blender, thus I have to use an older vesrion? Is that still true?) and are there any newer scripts and/or import/export tools for static models/meshes that are available for download?
MM, unsure if rosuto's plugin for 3dsmax works for mgn, it should I think.

Maybe the best bet is to contact http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...ed-finally via PM or something, since he's already extracted them all. He's also on SWGEmu I believe.

Newer tools will come 'soon'. Sad

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