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Finding the template descriptions
Ive been searching and searching for the file that controls the templates and their description of what ability does what. Like changing what the box says, and the description. Even the abilities, if possible, not entirely sure. Been a while also since i looked at mod stuff.

[Image: 34e7qqa.jpg]

This pretty much. I must have tried a dozen different files and changes to them affect nothing in the game. Anyone know where this file is, or is this file even in the client files? Or is this server side?
thanks wefi Big Grin
Eww what's this? A NGE UI mod? Who made this so I can kill them right now.

Looking back at it after spending time on other games, it kinda looks like massive poodoo, then again it's NGE! Joke aside, I wish I had started working on the new interface I had planned ages ago, I drew it on actual paper and everything, and without a proper tablet I'll never be able to make it real.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
I wont play swgemu without the nge ui mod. fuck stick figures. and i also just like the look. sue me Tongue
(2012-12-06, 03:47 AM)Vlock Wrote: sue me Tongue

Do NOT tempt me.

And your screenshot is too big it messes up the page horizontally, I could prosecute you for that, people put each other on trial for less in the US. Big Grin
[Image: mtgsig.png]

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