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Force Ghost mod
Hi all,

in SWG Emu, is there anyway to mod an NPC to have the blue glowie Force ghost effect?

I tried looking through the TRE files for ghost effect files, but couldn't really find anything.

I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!
You can add hologram effect to it.
(2016-01-17, 05:56 AM)Phoenix Wrote: You can add hologram effect to it.

That could work. What would be the best way to do that?
I'll post later today how to.
Ok, thanks!
Going to test something now I suppose and see if it works
Also you will have to make a new npc with new files (can mimic a npc but rename everything) if you want, because you have to add the effect to the shader file (sht)

Example: Take human male and add hologram effect to the shader. It will change any character/npc that has the human male shader (aka all human males) to have that same effect), so your best bet is adding making a new set of files.
getting all the files to make an example tismorning
Ok so: adding it to humanoids probably won't work right with how Sony did faces. It doesn't look correct. I will add a pic. Now creatures it should work fine, but ye. Here is human male.[Image: RhCtM3c.jpg]get on irc and talk there if you can. Way easier to discuss it.
Thanks for taking the effort to look into this for me.

I'll probably be able to get on irc a bit later today.

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