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Frog crafting apron?
Looking for where the clothing type of the frog crafting aprons is set. I've been searching for hours, and would like to change it from the apron_chef_s01.iff to something else.
Is this what you seek?
looks like the apron is using a loot group or some other definition of the item, as:

"Chef", "crafting_apron_chef",

does not actually call the object/tangible/wearable/....... object iff path, like the other entries in the characterBuilder.lua file are.

that make sense?
Click my link, the code for the aprons is in the sui manager.
Thanks for the reply guys. I did find the sui manager code when searching, but still didn't understand where the chef apron reference was being stated. So I wouldn't mind some extra help from someone more experienced.

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