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GIT help
Ok, so I have a working VM server environment that updates with the "latest" command, and compiles with "build config".   this works.  I can keep updating every day, recompiling ever day, and there's not an issue.

But once I start making changes,  everything falls apart.  I'm not very good with GIT,  I've tried to read up on it, but most articles assume you're familiar with it, and a lot of the concepts are lost on me.  So here's what I need:

I added a new folder in bin/scripts/objects/xxMyNewFolderxx/...   from there I've been re-adding all my old mods to the newest version of the core,  nicely organized by modtype, then by mod.  Basically, I'm working to keep all the server scripting to the fewest possible new folders, causing the fewest possible downstream changes.

anyway, once I've done this (and I have and it's working just fine),  I want to re-run the "latest" script to catch an update from the SWGEMU team, and then recompile again. 

My BIG Question:
Using GIT, how do I generate a "Patch" export, that takes all my changes since the last compile, exports them as a stand-alone patch, and allows me to revert to the old unaltered repo so it can be updated, compiled, then the patch re-applied?

the concept is simple enough, but I have no idea how to make GIT do that.  And after it's done I have no idea how to "save" that patch so it can be copied to any VM and applied.


P.S.  Before they went to GIT, when it was still using subversion & SVN,  You could generate patches with Eclipse, that were storable / archiveable.  so make your changes, generate a patch, revert to the last SVN number, then update, compile, re-apply patch, recompile, etc...   but with GIT I haven't figured it out yet.

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