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Gonna ask another Q... Screenplays!
How do these work?  I mean, I know they're LUA scripts, I've seen the tutorials and such.  what I want is "What" makes these work?  Where in core3 are these coded?  how does it know what a rewardType is?  how does it know what an observer is? 

something somewhere has to make these tick, and doing simple searches in eclipse isn't yielding the results I was hoping for... 

Besides the pre-made lua shit like math.rad, etc it is all hardcoded in the cpps.
Yeah, which ones? Gimme me the source, I can document which options are available for use
It's a shit ton of different ones lol. It all depends on the lua.
I think IVO answered my Q over on the EMU forums, however, I think you're missing the point / spirit of the question... I'm looking for the specific code within core3 that interprets the screen play's, and allows them to work. There has to be a bit that interfaces between the screenplay lua's and the actual core, allowing things like credits, items, skills to be checked, rewarded, or removed..

I believe what I"m looking for is the "DirectorManager"... but I have yet to personally confirm that.

I have no idea where the files would be, but if I'm ever looking for something I do a search here
https://github.com/TheAnswer/Core3 and it comes up with a list of the files where the thing I'm looking for is mentioned.
Yeah, I do the same thing, only I use eclipse... but good advice all the same. the Director manager and a few other random files were what I was looking for.

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