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Greets, and a few refresher questions
Hey guys / gals,

I can't really say that I'm back in the modding mode for SWG, but I have been working hard in the modding world of "Farming Simulator". :-) Way different I know, but... I've worked a ton on my 3D modeling / rendering skills... I've made several custom vehicles for FS2015, including all the texturing and BS that's involved in getting shaders working properly and etc, etc...

What I'd like to know, if it's available, is how the SWG meshes / models work, what programs / imports / exports are available, and anything you might have on file structures and types.

I've given up on plugging data into and out of the current core3. I believe I understand well enough how it works (from past experience & guides I posted up a year or so ago). Other than learning and understanding, it's all a moot exercise right now since it's still a moving target. What has my interest presently is creating NEW assets for the game. I haven't yet started on this other than composing this post, and starting back up with a crisp / clean current core3 server environment.

I've been using Lightwave3d for most of my modeling chores and then to blender for all my texturing. Various other progs and editors for scripting and shading, etc... I'm guessing that there's no imports / exports for lightwave3d, but what about for blender? Or is it a full 3DS Max thing? I'm not ready to reinvent any wheels here, but I am able to if I can get all the correct info.

anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and see if there was any good info out there for the assets.


BTW, Need to send out a big thank you to synter for his new IFF editor. If that would have existed a year ago... well... things would have been MUCH easier. Thanks again!

Always good to see people return. Smile

(2015-03-23, 03:51 PM)duffstone Wrote: anything you might have on file structures and types.

Basically all files have been covered, more or less. I personally didn't do the 3d/animation stuff because they're pointless for SIE atm. But, plugins for Maya/3DSMax/Maybe Blender are definetly planned, framework is there more or less too. Syt and I are just so burried in things to do atm.

Check here for my templates, Waverunner did some too, which you can find here.

I've been having the itch to make SW assets in the recent weeks too, gotta resist it for now, or tools won't ever bare fruit. :p
I just needed some places to start. I don't have Maya/3DS max yet, but I imagine I can get them if needed. thus far lightwave / blender have done fine.

Thanks much!
Ive got msh import/export and mgn import for 3dsmax, but no mgn export, which kinda sucks.
Ah yeah, speaking of which: Rosuto's 3DS Max script
(2015-03-25, 01:17 AM)Arioch Wrote: Ive got msh import/export and mgn import for 3dsmax, but no mgn export, which kinda sucks.

Oh, there you are Smile
so I managed to get the mgn import/export working for Blender, but I'm having some issues with the texture mapping of the exports. I generate the UV's but they're different than the ones exported from the .tre files. Meaning it doesn't map the polygons to the same spots so you have to generate new textures for the lot. At least that's the way it appears.

Is there a certain type of UV that SOE used for their models? Looks like a quadrant map of some sort, but blender doesn't give that option. I may have to have my niece buy me an accedemic copy of max or maya if I want to move forward.

that is unless someone here has a good solution for blender? will the SWG client recognize and use UV textures baked to different positions than is currently in the .tre files? I know a couple other games I've worked on will, but SWG seems to be a different monster in a lot of instances.


I say working, I can import an mgn file, change it up, export it out (with or without baking a new UV map), load the new mgn file into my .tre structure and the client will load. However, the mgn in question is invisible. Again, my guess is the UV's and how it's baked, but who knows. the mgn's don't import with any bone structure either so who knows if that's an issue as well.
You got blend modes working for MGN export? Ie, non static mesh.
no, not 100%. but blender will import and export .mgn files that do not crash the client.

so for instance, my first test was to import the human_f model into blender, where I did some smoothing, subdivision, etc.. to make the model look more... well... smooth... anyway, I exported the mgn file (without baking or generating UV's), added it to my .tre structure, and my client loaded fine. but my character had invisible skin when not wearing clothes.

So I tried the whole lot and this time baked and generated a UV map (which looks totally different than the original ones), and same result.

So NO, I believe it's not working properly. However, the meshes import and export from blender without error, and the client doesn't crash. it was just a test, my main interest is in MSH files anyway.


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