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Grievous Wheel Bike don't work
Hi, I would like to add the Grievous wheel bike but it's don't really work like I want xD

[Image: 816064Grievouswheelbike.png]

What I need to do for fix this ?
I've been having this problem with every vehicle I add as well, everything seems to work, I can even ride them, but they don't show up. Are we missing something?
Same error with this one, if someone know how to fix it I will give for MTG all my .tre and lua because I wanna add many vehicle on our server.

I already change form of my .lod file to 0007 but i don t really know what i need to do now Sad

[Image: mini_856374podbalta.png]
Ya youre missing something. you need to edit the correct datatables.
how to know witch files is missing, I have take my files from ProjectSWG's directory, I have extract chain intangible, mobile and deed (tangible) files with the sytner editor, I follow the Barc speeder guide of Lasko
Okay I have added a new line on datatables/mount/ and my client don t work after this , so i don tknow how to change in the datatable :'(
Ok I have edited my datatables and I have finally my pod for real xD but the character posture is not good and I don t really knows the normal speed of the pod but it move slowly --' If you know how to fix my problem tell me

[Image: 270363podgenerated.png]
What precisely did you do to the datatables? I'm asking because I've yet to figure out how to do this myself, and it would be greatly appreciated!
I have check what is writed on NGE same files and i have add my balta podracer on my mains files but I m looking for where can i change my posture on the pod

[Image: 302907datatablesswg.png]
Oh damn after I have edit that datatables' files my others vehicles desappeared like the pod at the begining, i will try to add to these files the other vehicle if it worked i will tell you

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