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[Guide - Content] Adding badges

All badges are just loaded straight from the datatable file..... SmileWink

You will also need to edit the string files so your new badges show a correct name and description.



String files.
/string/en/badge_n.stf to add the badge name
/string/en/badge_d.stf to add the badge description

Add your new badge(s) to the table and strings following the convention. To grant some badges the ID number is used from the badge_map.iff, so it's best to make a note of it for reference.

The badge name must be unique and used as the Index and ID for each entry in the above three files.

Granting Badges.

POI bagdes.

These have been moved from the separate spawn manager files and are now granted in:


The rest of the granting methods for screenplays etc remain unchanged.
Thank you bbkinz.
I found out there is a built in limitation to this. If it's server what am I looking for, and if it's client, I'm lost. I can't find anything stopping me from going beyond 159

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