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Hello, new here!
Hello, I just joined ModtheGalaxy and wanted to say hello.

I played SWG from launch to close, all 8 years and was part of the previous SWG modding community website. I've been interested in modding SWGEmu as I had done for SWG Live except now I'm excited about the possibilities before limited to only client-side mods.

On SWG I played on many servers; however I primarily played on Wanderhome (then transferred to Shadowfire? If I remember right after Wanderhome was closed) and Bria.

I have some modding experience from modding Morrowind, SWG (Client) and Europa Universalis III - basic coding, meshes, and textures; however I have a lot to learn about SWGEmu and it's max potential!!

Again wanted to say hi, and I look forward to meeting and chatting with all of guys and gals here!  Big Grin

Hey there!

Welcome. Smile
Welcome.... welcome...
Hi and welcomeSmile

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